segunda-feira, 14 de abril de 2014

Highlights from Newquay - Cornwall

Just arrived from Newquay, Cornwall... Although I've not caught good waves, it was a great journey, made friendships with awesome people around the world, saw beautifull places, made new life stories and took the course has bodyboard intrutor level 1.

Cornwall has so much to see, wish had more time to search and surf other places but didn't get a good forecast and time was short, still surfed a fun wedge in Tolcarne beach but in the end the goal was accomplished. I'm a bodyboard instrutor graduated by Academy of Surfing Instrutors.

terça-feira, 1 de abril de 2014

Next stop - Cornwall

Is been a while that Cornwall caught my attention, before I came to England I've been searching and following some footage of beautifull beaches, the typical cornish culture, castels, riders, pumped wedges and reef breaks as well.
I'll also take a course as a bodyboarder instructor level 1, so I can explore this area , teach and give my advices to new ones and maybe start my own business.

This time I will go on my own for one week, if there's still anyone who wanna join me, go head.

Cornwall has such good riders as any other place, and also a big industry of bodyboard and surf, in my head I see as a very interesting place to visit.

Can't wait to return to the sea.